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How do I order 'Follow Me Stickers'?

Browse the options on the products page at http://followmesticker.com/products and select a desired network, material type, and size, such as a Removable Circle, Window Cling, or Permanent Rectangular option. Once on the right product page, type in your Social Network Profile-URL into the preview to see how they will look, or you can paste the full URL's for each sticker during checkout. The Circle items will have the Profile URL underneath the product preview, while the other items have them as part of the product preview itself. Simply select the Username or YourProfileURL text and replace it by typing in your own. As each organization is very different in size and location the quantities and materials needed will be very different, our variety of social media promotional materials helps thousands of different organizations, stores, services, programs, and individuals raise awareness of their social network profiles, locally. We look forward to creating and sending you yours. -The FollowMeSticker.com Team