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Order iPhone NFC Stickers and iPhone NFC Decals from FollowMeSticker

Apple finally announced NFC capability for new iPhones!

FollowMeSticker.com will be working on further updates to iPhone NFC sticker functionality and ensure locations can leverage new social media connections via the massive amounts of iPhone users. Order your iPhone NFC stickers today!

When we first created NFC stickers for social media promotion, we were quite convinced that iPhone would follow Android in introducing NFC soon after. That's why we decided that the value of NFC should be included as an option for our customers on our unique, personalized, long-lasting stickers. After years past that hope slowly faded. It was in 2012 that many rumors started flying around if the iPhone 'would probably have NFC soon' and ever since then we've been wondering "would it be this year?", we've had thousands of customers get confused (as it is quite confusing) about the differences in iPhone and Android with regards to NFC. On nearly every single one of our product pages are the words "Many Android devices are capable, and there are rumors that Apple might decide to allow it on the iPhone soon." and "NFC functions currently do not work on the iPhone." Thousands of our customers have been requesting iPhone functionality from us every year—but we were unable to promise that iPhone would function since the chip and software capabilities were not keeping up with Android NFC functionality. Now, finally, with the latest news from Apple we can finally have some answers and ensure that customers wanting to order custom Android and iPhone NFC capable stickers have more confidence that it would work with both Android and iPhone and last a long time.

FollowMeSticker.com continues to be committed to offering more options to customers both in the USA and Internationally. One of the differences in the Android vs iPhone NFC functionality is that iPhone users will still be required to install an App that then reads the tags, as apposed to the non-app requirement of Android. Still, this is a massive improvement overall from not having any NFC or only NFC for payments. We have been informed that the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X may function correctly with NFC stickers and an NFC app on the latest update to iOS 11.

Over the next few weeks we will be improving the navigation flow regarding iPhone enabled NFC stickers, and we will be working to ensure that retroactively all previous stickers that we have ever sent out must function as expected on iPhone 8 with NFC apps, and iPhone X with NFC apps.

Our iPhone NFC stickers and Android NFC stickers should function as expected on these devices and future Apple NFC-friendly devices. We encourage you to please follow us on @followmesticker or check back here on the blog for more NFC-decal and iPhone NFC-sticker updates.

New Instagram Stickers + INTL Shipping Options

NEW Instagram Stickers and DHL Shipping!

Now Offering DHL Worldwide Express Shipping and New Instagram Stickers

International Customers now have the option to choose DHL Woldwide Express during shipping, this is competitive with the USPS International Option but includes extra levels of Tracking depending on the location. We'd like to mention that FollowMeSticker.com has seen an excellent delivery success rate from USPS International overall and some customers report receiving their package much sooner than anticipated. We are pleased to offer this additional option however to customers who have had success with DHL or feel more confident with DHL.

FollowMeSticker.com is committed to offering more options to customers both in the USA and Internationally. Our company is different when it comes to shipping items, as they are typically small batches and usually don't require large shipping boxes. This has made it difficult for us to feature more shipping options at affordable rates... However, recently we have been offered a competitive rate through DHL Worldwide Express to feature door to door tracked items Internationally! Customers planning on ordering using DHL can learn more about DHL Express Worldwide Shipping on DHL.de and you may track packages easily at this page: http://www.dhl.com/en/express/tracking.html.

We're also pleased to announce that most of our Instagram items have been updated to reflect the new Instagram Logos as per the Official Instagram Branding Guidelines. We've got an amazing response from these so far and are excited and happy to see where you place yours! Follow us on twitter.com/followmesticker and instagram.com/fmsphotos to stay updated on placement ideas from other FollowMeSticker.com customers across the globe - as well as occasional discounts and offers!

Lastly, we've updated the Products page to be easier to navigate with tabs and on mobile browsers, and we've added links to the frequently used QuickPack Page, here you may easily and quickly order custom packs of personalized social media stickers and custom quantities if you are in a rush.

How to set a Facebook URL for your Fan Page URL

How to set your facebook URL for your Facebook Fan Page / custom URL

How to set Facebook Fan Page URL

How can you set your own Facebook URL? This guide will show you how to set your own custom Facebook URL or Facebook Web Address.

How to create a custom URL for your Facebook Page

There have been many names for the urls, such as "usernames", "vanity urls", "short urls", "custom username", "custom facebook address", etc... they are all just a shorter URL than typing out the very long URL with a bunch of numbers. Why is this important? Well, if you are growing your fans on Facebook, you want to make it easy for new fans to find you, if you get promotional materials (website, business card, stickers, etc) you want to share as short a link as possible that is easy to type and easy to remember.

Requirements/notes for obtaining a Facebook URL:

  • Your Fan Page must have at least 25 Fans
  • Each page also has an ID, which you can link to regardless of the 'username', but the username is permanent too.
  • If you choose “MyFanPage” as a username, your URL will be: “facebook.com/myfanpage”
  • Once you choose your username, you might not be able to change it, so be sure to think carefully about long term use and get others opinions.

Steps to obtaining a Facebook URL:

Method 1:

  • To change your url for your personal profile, visit "https://www.facebook.com/username"
  • This page will also give you an option to change your "Fan Page Username" called "Create your Facebook web address"
  • Under "Easily direct someone to your Page by setting a username for it. After you set your username, you may only change it once." choose the Fan Page from the dropdown.
  • Type the desired url after the facebook.com/ address.

Setting a usernameSetting a username

  • Click "Check Availability"
  • If it is available it will say: "xyz is available." If your page doesn't have more than 25 fans, Facebook won't allow the username to be set yet. Below this instructions are some tips to help get 25 fans.
  • Carefully read the instructions and understand the message before pressing 'Confirm'.

Congrats, you've set your Fan Page Username! You can now post this on your Facebook Stickers, Business Cards, Websites, etc! You can also setup a username for your Instagram Stickers, and other networks.

Method 2:

  • Find the ID in your url (your url without a username will have a long list of numbers, copy the numbers into this url where it says 'pasteyournumbershere': "https://www.facebook.com/username?from_page=pasteyournumbershere"
  • To find your ID, go to your page then click Settings -> Page Info - > Facebook Page ID (right at the bottom).
  • For example: "https://www.facebook.com/Your-Page-Title-Name-624396684224317/timeline/?ref=hl" — The page ID would be: 624776684224317
  • Example: "https://www.facebook.com/username?from_page=624396684224317"

How can I get 25 fans so I can set my username?

Here are some tips to getting your first 25 fans:

  • First, find your page ID by starting on your Fan Page, then chose Settings -> Page Info - > Facebook Page ID (right at the bottom). Use http://goo.gl to create a short url of your Fan Page, but use the ID like this: "http://facebook.com/624754684224317"
  • This is because if when you change your username, this ID link will still work and won't be broken! Don't shorten the url that has the dashes in it, because this URL will not work once you choose a username.
  • Now that you have a short url, you can paste this on your other social networks and ask your followers to become a fan on Facebook.
  • Ask friends and family to become a fan of your page by emailing them this short URL.
  • Post the short url on Twitter and other networks and ask visitors to become a fan, make sure you use relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience.
  • If you have an establishment, use http://goo.gl to create a QR by adding ".qr" to the end of the short url. Then offer an incentive for the first 25 fans such as 25% off or other coupon code.
  • If you have a website, use the Short URL and a facebook icon to link to your fan page, write a call to action like "become a fan!".
  • Include this short URL in your email signature and write something like "Help me reach 25 fans, become a fan on FB"
  • Have an email list? Ask your subscribers to become a fan and why they should be a fan, use the Short URL as a link.
  • Wishing you much success! Good luck!

The Importance of Thinking Local with Social Media

The Importance of Thinking Local with Social Media

local social media

Whether your organization is a community college, a dog grooming service, or a hair salon, local social media updates are a great way for your visitors to get valuable news for your location. Social networking sites offer ways to build local relationships within your community by sharing stories and helping visitors stay informed about the latest happenings.

Twitter can be a great place to post short updates and post photos about your location. Using location-based hashtags will introduce new people in your area to your organization. From the start, Instagram has always been a location-based photo sharing network, and is now used to view and share photos on a daily basis more frequently than Twitter. Hashtag your city on your social posts to make it easier for locals to find you. Facebook Fan pages with a local following get a lot more engagement as the content posted is more relevant and valuable to the visitors.

Let your organization’s personality shine through with photos on Instagram, short updates and coupons on Twitter, and use Facebook Fan Pages to have richer conversations with visitors. Using these networks to complement each other will help create a more complete local online presence for your organization. By sharing positivity and good news with your social media updates, your followers will want to keep up to date with you and interact more often with your organization.

Stickers for Facebook Marketing

Raising awareness of your Facebook Fan Page Locally

Personalized Facebook Stickers can help raise awareness for your Fan Page, locally through online word-of-mouth!

Here at FollowMeSticker.com, we want to make beautiful social media promotional products to help organizations, brands, and any other group or individual gain a more local online following. We believe that developing a more local following (both online and offline) helps raise awareness for your organization and its goals. How can an organization develop a more local following both offline and online? One of the ways to develop an offline following is word-of-mouth through great experiences. Experiences are valuable and definitely worth sharing. If visitors leave with a happy experience, they are very likely to tell friends and family - next thing you know, more and more people are coming by.

The same applies online, although it is limited and quite different. Visitors come to your location, have a great experience, and in this day and age, they can write a short review, post a blog, tell friends on Social Networks, or share their experience on a wide variety of different places online almost instantly. Due to the popularity of Facebook, visitors are very likely to share their experience with friends and family through this network. Because of this, many organizations are developing a Facebook Marketing Plan soon after creating their Facebook Fan Page. As many organizations are setting up a new Facebook Fan Page and developing their Facebook Marketing Strategy, so too are they learning about precise location targeting via advertising.

But, even with the location targeting and huge network popularity of networks like Facebook, for some organizations advertising spend doesn't seem going as far as it used to, posts aren't getting as much attention as they did before, and yet... visitors are expecting more genuine and authentic experiences both offline and online, and closer relationship with their favorite new Fan Page - with you! So what to do?

Fans still want to see what is going on occasionally on your Fan Page, and get an inside look. With that in mind, when developing a new Facebook Marketing Strategy, we ask your organization to consider including FollowMeSticker.com into your Facebook Marketing Plan this year: Displaying a Facebook Sticker somewhere in sight will remind your visitors that they can share their positive experience online too if they want to - not just offline.

This goes beyond merely building awareness for your Fan Page as it encourages local word-of-mouth awareness of your organization both online and off. We've created a wide variety of promotional tools and more recently we are happy to introduce our elegant Circular AnyCling™ Stickers pictured below. These have been popular among Hair Salons, Fitness Stores, Local Food & Drink Establishments, Real Estate and many more.

We hope you have fun growing your positive word-of-mouth experiences locally, both online and off!

Social Media Stickers, Circular, AnyCling from FollowMeSticker

Introducing All-New Circular AnyCling™ Stickers for Local Social Media Promotion

We recently released our new AnyCling™ Circle Stickers for most popular networks!

After careful deliberation we have designed, developed, and released our finest use of the new unique materials we call AnyCling™ in a new circular format, featuring a simplistic yet elegant layout that is both stylish and eye-catching. We carefully make each one of these stickers with great care and attention to detail. The placement of the official NFC logo and NFC verbiage make for a pleasing design overall while the official logos and border details balance out the design.

The best part of the new stickers though is that they are completely, 100% removable with no fuss, and stick to nearly any smooth flat surface. This special attribute makes them ideal for Mirrors, Glass Displays, Glass Doors, Fridges, Glass Counters and other similar smooth clean surfaces. They feature a beautiful glossy shine, bright colors and crisp clear text. The detailed print and UV covering allows them to last indoors for years.

We have provided our Large format AnyCling™ removable stickers now to many locations, and Salon owners have been really pleased with the AnyCling™ materials overall! Now, we are very excited to offer another functional and beautiful shape to compliment the interior style for many locations. We hope these eye-catching circular stickers help encourage a more local following for your online community.

Did you recently obtain Circular AnyCling™ stickers? We'd love to see them so be sure to send us a photo so we can post it here on FollowMeSticker.com, on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages! We love learning about your organization and sharing the news about your local awareness campaign.

Reduced prices for Mini-QR Stickers

We've reduced our pricing on our Mini-QR stickers today!

Great news! It is a bit easier for us to create Mini-QR Stickers, allowing us to bring the price down on them by 50%, something we've been wanting to do for quite some time. Starting today you may now obtain 32 Glossy Mini-QR stickers with programmed QR codes and custom profile URL information for only $7.99! We have Mini-QR Facebook Stickers, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Google+, Google+ Local, SoundCloud, Pinterest, LinkedIn, as well as QR's for Websites and Blogs! A great example of Mini-QR placement is in a computer lab or computer gaming center, but Mini-QR's also work really well on product packaging or togo order packets or containers!
Browse all the designs here: http://followmesticker.com/products#miniqrstickers

What is AnyCling™ ?

What is AnyCling™ ?
On July 18th we announced on our homepage and network profiles our all new material — AnyCling. A completely original versatile removable static-cling material for use on FollowMeSticker promotional materials. So what is AnyCling anyway?

The new AnyCling™ material features all of our most popular social network designs and customizability but is completely removable, re-positionable, has no adhesive residue when removed, has a wonderful glossy UV protected shine and bright vivid colors, is thin yet sturdy, and clings to almost any flat surface including but not limited to Laptops, Tablets, Glass, Mirrors, Countertops, Smooth Walls, Smooth Doors, Smooth Tabletops, Boards, Curved glass bakery displays, Salon Mirrors, Acrylic, Plexiglass, Smooth tiles, and many many other flat surfaces! The best part is that they can be re-positioned and removed extremely easily many times. There's no loss of color and are protected by fingers and scratches by a thin glossy protective layer. Our AnyCling™ materials also come with optional pre-integrated NFC tags and the designs feature programmed QR codes.

We really enjoy these new AnyClings and hope you do too! Easily place them on your cash register, your front-store glass display, your wood counters, smooth walls, really the options are wide! Here is just a small sampling of some of the recent FollowMeSticker customers in the past moth:
Fitness Club & Gym, Bakery, Farmers Market, Bookstore, Educational Store, Dentist / Dental Practitioner, Second-hand Consignment, Car Tinting Specialist, Attorney, Grill shop, Golf Club, HotDog Shack, Hawaii'n Frozen Yogurt, Florist, Salon, Auto Dealership, Aussie Nursery, Rehab Clinic, Respiratory Care, Local Pharmacy, Ice Cream Shop, PC Fixing Store, Hair Studio Job Search Facility, Government Agency, City Parks, Veterinary Physician, Motor Inn, Tractor Store, Realtor, Day Spa and many more not listed because we could make this a very long post. We're very happy to help these local organizations develop a stronger social network following and hope they keep in touch and let us know how it goes — that goes for you too! Drop us a line on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter!

To celebrate the new AnyCling™ materials — We're offering a promotional introductory "BOGO" discount right now. Buy one pack and get one pack free! Simply let us know which network you'd like your second set of four to be during checkout. You can even get two sets of the same network and get AnyCling™ Stickers for all your mirrors. Below are some pictures related to the new AnyClings™, as you can see they have the same design as our other materials and look very similar, but up close they are very very different. Be sure to let us know where and how you place your new AnyClings! Until next time, wishing you all the best. -FollowMeSticker Team.

Bit.ly stops offering QR Code Generation - Use goo.gl

Need a bitly alternative? Try goo.gl

Just a short update here, Bitly has apparently stopped offering QR code generation. Don't worry- generated QR codes appear to remain working, but new codes cannot be made. Bitly was the best at making QR codes- they were the easiest for many devices to read, not to mention the great stats that came with them. We must've missed something here at FollowMeSticker.com because the added value of Bitly QR codes was great! We've used Bitly for years but now we'll have to move to Goo.gl. If you haven't tried http://goo.gl you should check it out. Once you've shortened your URL, simply add a .qr to the end and Google uses its Charts API to generate your code. You can adjust values like the width and height using the URL, as well as even adjust the space around the code.

We hope this helps anyone who are looking for an alternative to Bitly now that they have dropped QR code support. Hopefully this is all a long and terrible April fools joke, but it has been a good week since the first with no signs of coming back. So long Bitly, we have loved you!

Before you go! Have you seen our awesome line up of social media materials? We strive to make the best quality materials and try to make personalization easy! Check out the wide selection here: http://followmesticker.com/products

Understanding Google Plus and Google Plus Local

2 Great Articles That Help Us Understand Google+ & Google+ Local

Two articles were recently written that give us a greater understanding of the importance of Google+ Local and Google+ for Organizations that seek to improve their Online Presence locally. We'd like to share the articles here with the FollowMeSticker.com/blog Readers so you too can benefit and get a better understanding of Google+ to help with your Organizations local awareness.

Google Plus: The Power is the People - The Ultimate Google Plus Posting Guide

From the Author, Brian Jensen:

"I wanted to share a posting guide that will assist users in getting familiar with the functionality of the tool and provide tips to help you create, share, engage and have fun on Google Plus. This guide will not only make your sharing more effective, but assist you in leveraging the network’s greatest feature: the users."

Read it here: Google+ Posting Guide

Demystifying Google+ for Business

From the Author, Joe Kelly:

“As social signals become increasingly more important in organic search, it’s become critical for us to know what we are working with when it comes to the various social platforms.”
“Google’s social media has the ability to make your head spin and question why you are even using social media in the first place. They’ve had a lot of kinks to work out, and they’ve caught a lot of flack for it in the process. That said, Google+ actually has the potential to be awesome, and we can get through the initial setup process together.”

Read it here: Demystifying Google+ for Business

We hope these articles are helpful to you as well! Be sure to follow the authors on Google+!

Three Tips for Using Instagram For Local Business

Three Tips for Using Instagram For Local Business

If your business is starting to understand the importance of promoting your company over social media, then it will benefit you to take some time to learn about Instagram, one of the most popular and currently fastest growing social networks online today.

1. Use Instagram to Showcase Fun Images from your Location

Do you run a fun location? Do you have dress-up days, shop parties or even love to have pets around? Have special blends, unique customers, or quirky shop layouts? Whatever makes your place of business fun and unique, be sure to take photographs and showcase them on your Instagram. People love fun pictures, and the higher quality photos you post, the more likely they will be shared and liked. Try to post a good mix of casual pictures, such as you and your employees enjoying themselves with customers along with some purposeful pictures, such as shots of your newest products or specials.

2. Follow the Trends or Relevant Tags

To get more out of your social media posts, you’ll need to stay on top of the trending hashtags and relevant hashtags. When a relevant hashtag is "trending," it means that many people are currently using and looking at it, which provides a great opportunity. Many of the same Hashtags that are popular on Instagram are also trending on Twitter. There are a few free services to look over the currently trending hashtags and help find the right ones. Be sure to pick the ones that are most relevant to your business, and make posts that somehow relate to that subject. This will ensure your posts are seen by the right people - and don’t forget to consider local hashtags to help reach people who are searching locally. A Quick Twitter search we just did as typing this article for “#losangeles #bagel” gives 5 Instagram pics in Los Angeles, California, that’s quite astounding!

3. Use an Instagram Window Sticker from FollowMeSticker.com

Using social media isn't only about attempting to bring customers into your business. It's important to also expose your current customers or visitors to your location to your Instagram and other social-media Profiles. By placing an Instagram window sticker on your glass window or doorway (We call these Instagram Interior Window Clings), you will expose more people to your Brand or Organizations social network. Even if some of these people are already loyal customers or supporters, having a wider network to like and share your photographs will always bring in more visitors over time. You can have an Instagram window sticker made at any local print shop, or simply order an affordable a customized Instagram Interior Window Cling one right here on FollowMeSticker.com as we have many different designs ready to go, as well as QR code and NFC Programming and Integration, all you have to do is let us know the Username or Profile URL! Simple as that!

We hope you enjoy showing off your Photos on Instagram and please let us know you profile page so we can go and look! Wishing you the best in Social Media Word-of-mouth Success -The FollowMeSticker.com Team

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Hello! Welcome to FollowMeSticker!

FollowMeSticker has been creating beautiful, personalized, premium quality removable or permanent, indoor and outdoor unique stickers, decals and table tents for customers across the world since early 2011. Now we pride ourselves by producing high quality long-lasting premium quality materials that are easy to work with, they're very easy to install or remove! They survive harsh weather environments like rain, ice, or all day sunshine and high heat. Your visitors will appreciate the quality of your colorful personalized stickers, and they will keep working for you - over and over - for as long as they're on display! We even have Wi-Fi Stickers and Hashtag stickers, so your visitors know exactly how to log-in and share the good word about your location! Featured on the FollowMeSticker.com website are new colorful and beautiful personalized Social Media Stickers including popular networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook "Like Us" Stickers, Check-in varieties, Google Plus, Snapchat, and many others, as well as the ability to order unique customizations on your Personalized Social Media Decals for other popular networks too on The QuickPack Page. Depending on the product, type your social media profile URL into the sticker preview, on the preview itself, below the preview, or in the checkout box during checkout! Type your unique wording or customizations on your premium quality personalized social media marketing materials during checkout. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at http://followmesticker.com/contact and be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates at http://twitter.com/followmesticker, and check out our latest Photos on http://instagram.com/fmsphotos

We have recently updated all our Custom Instagram Stickers!

Browse the new Instagram Stickers here!

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