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Understanding Google Plus and Google Plus Local

2 Great Articles That Help Us Understand Google+ & Google+ Local

Two articles were recently written that give us a greater understanding of the importance of Google+ Local and Google+ for Organizations that seek to improve their Online Presence locally. We'd like to share the articles here with the FollowMeSticker.com/blog Readers so you too can benefit and get a better understanding of Google+ to help with your Organizations local awareness.

Google Plus: The Power is the People - The Ultimate Google Plus Posting Guide

From the Author, Brian Jensen:

"I wanted to share a posting guide that will assist users in getting familiar with the functionality of the tool and provide tips to help you create, share, engage and have fun on Google Plus. This guide will not only make your sharing more effective, but assist you in leveraging the network’s greatest feature: the users."

Read it here: Google+ Posting Guide

Demystifying Google+ for Business

From the Author, Joe Kelly:

“As social signals become increasingly more important in organic search, it’s become critical for us to know what we are working with when it comes to the various social platforms.”
“Google’s social media has the ability to make your head spin and question why you are even using social media in the first place. They’ve had a lot of kinks to work out, and they’ve caught a lot of flack for it in the process. That said, Google+ actually has the potential to be awesome, and we can get through the initial setup process together.”

Read it here: Demystifying Google+ for Business

We hope these articles are helpful to you as well! Be sure to follow the authors on Google+!

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