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How to set a Facebook URL for your Fan Page URL

How to set your facebook URL for your Facebook Fan Page / custom URL

How to set Facebook Fan Page URL

How can you set your own Facebook URL? This guide will show you how to set your own custom Facebook URL or Facebook Web Address.

How to create a custom URL for your Facebook Page

There have been many names for the urls, such as "usernames", "vanity urls", "short urls", "custom username", "custom facebook address", etc... they are all just a shorter URL than typing out the very long URL with a bunch of numbers. Why is this important? Well, if you are growing your fans on Facebook, you want to make it easy for new fans to find you, if you get promotional materials (website, business card, stickers, etc) you want to share as short a link as possible that is easy to type and easy to remember.

Requirements/notes for obtaining a Facebook URL:

  • Your Fan Page must have at least 25 Fans
  • Each page also has an ID, which you can link to regardless of the 'username', but the username is permanent too.
  • If you choose “MyFanPage” as a username, your URL will be: “facebook.com/myfanpage”
  • Once you choose your username, you might not be able to change it, so be sure to think carefully about long term use and get others opinions.

Steps to obtaining a Facebook URL:

Method 1:

  • To change your url for your personal profile, visit "https://www.facebook.com/username"
  • This page will also give you an option to change your "Fan Page Username" called "Create your Facebook web address"
  • Under "Easily direct someone to your Page by setting a username for it. After you set your username, you may only change it once." choose the Fan Page from the dropdown.
  • Type the desired url after the facebook.com/ address.

Setting a usernameSetting a username

  • Click "Check Availability"
  • If it is available it will say: "xyz is available." If your page doesn't have more than 25 fans, Facebook won't allow the username to be set yet. Below this instructions are some tips to help get 25 fans.
  • Carefully read the instructions and understand the message before pressing 'Confirm'.

Congrats, you've set your Fan Page Username! You can now post this on your Facebook Stickers, Business Cards, Websites, etc! You can also setup a username for your Instagram Stickers, and other networks.

Method 2:

  • Find the ID in your url (your url without a username will have a long list of numbers, copy the numbers into this url where it says 'pasteyournumbershere': "https://www.facebook.com/username?from_page=pasteyournumbershere"
  • To find your ID, go to your page then click Settings -> Page Info - > Facebook Page ID (right at the bottom).
  • For example: "https://www.facebook.com/Your-Page-Title-Name-624396684224317/timeline/?ref=hl" — The page ID would be: 624776684224317
  • Example: "https://www.facebook.com/username?from_page=624396684224317"

How can I get 25 fans so I can set my username?

Here are some tips to getting your first 25 fans:

  • First, find your page ID by starting on your Fan Page, then chose Settings -> Page Info - > Facebook Page ID (right at the bottom). Use http://goo.gl to create a short url of your Fan Page, but use the ID like this: "http://facebook.com/624754684224317"
  • This is because if when you change your username, this ID link will still work and won't be broken! Don't shorten the url that has the dashes in it, because this URL will not work once you choose a username.
  • Now that you have a short url, you can paste this on your other social networks and ask your followers to become a fan on Facebook.
  • Ask friends and family to become a fan of your page by emailing them this short URL.
  • Post the short url on Twitter and other networks and ask visitors to become a fan, make sure you use relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience.
  • If you have an establishment, use http://goo.gl to create a QR by adding ".qr" to the end of the short url. Then offer an incentive for the first 25 fans such as 25% off or other coupon code.
  • If you have a website, use the Short URL and a facebook icon to link to your fan page, write a call to action like "become a fan!".
  • Include this short URL in your email signature and write something like "Help me reach 25 fans, become a fan on FB"
  • Have an email list? Ask your subscribers to become a fan and why they should be a fan, use the Short URL as a link.
  • Wishing you much success! Good luck!

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