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foursquare stickers!

We're happy to announce our new foursquare stickers, have a look! That also includes our foursquare Mini-Qr stickers!. If you don't know what foursquare is and are wondering how it can help brands and local businesses, read up on it here: foursquare advantages... and here: Social Media Pathways. If you need help setting up your foursquare and social media profiles in general please drop us a line.

Google+ and LinkedIn

Well... no luck on the window clings, its very difficult to find a solution that doesn't require some extra steps from customers, like having to spray the front or back with special preparations. If you have a resource that allows us to inkjet print onto blank window clings that is ready to be stuck on, please let us know. In other news, we've posted Google+ and LinkedIn stickers, and pretty soon we will have another surprise on its way that will be quite significant and in demand, so stay tuned! We are also investigating magnets, as our standard stickers can be a bit small for the bigger cars and trucks out there. The original idea behind the standard stickers however was more for laptops, ipads, briefcases or other similar placements. Until next time!

FollowMeSticker.com New Stickers and Events

We've got a new website, some new products, and a new blog. Be sure to have a look at our current line of stickers: Envelope Stickers, QR stickers, and Standard stickers. Soon we will be making Facebook window clings, as well as clings for YouTube and Twitter. We're also going to be attending "LA's Largest Mixer" as well as "Comic-Con SD 2011". See you there!

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Hello! Welcome to FollowMeSticker!

FollowMeSticker has been creating beautiful, personalized, premium quality removable or permanent, indoor and outdoor unique stickers, decals and table tents for customers across the world since early 2011. Now we pride ourselves by producing high quality long-lasting premium quality materials that aren't a pain to work with, they're very easy to install, or remove! They survive harsh weather environments like rain, ice, or all day sunshine and high heat. Your visitors will appreciate the quality of your colorful personalized stickers, and they will keep working for you- over and over - for as long as they're on display! Featured on the FollowMeSticker.com website are new colorful and beautiful personalized Social Media Stickers including popular networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook "Like Us" Stickers, Check-in varieties, Google Plus, Snapchat, and many others, as well as the ability to order unique customizations on your Personalized Social Media Decals for other popular networks too on The QuickPack Page. Depending on the product, type your social media profile URL into the sticker preview, on the preview itself, below the preview, or in the checkout box during checkout! Type your unique wording or customizations on your premium quality personalized social media marketing materials during checkout. We even have Wi-Fi Stickers and Hashtag stickers, so your visitors know exactly how to log-in and share the good word about your location! Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at http://followmesticker.com/contact and be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates at http://twitter.com/followmesticker, and check out our latest Photos on http://instagram.com/fmsphotos

We have recently updated all our Custom Instagram Stickers!

Browse the new Instagram Stickers here!

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